ML2 – Second Language Literacies

A blog for the Second Language Literacies course from the MA in Learning and Teaching Processes in Second Languages (ML2) at UPB-Medellín

Welcome to ML2 – Second Language Literacies!

Greetings to all literacy folks out there!

The MA in Learning and Teaching Processes in Second Languages, or ML2 as we also call the program, is proud to introduce this blog for the “English Language II: Second Language Literacies” course. This blog is an accompanying tool to the readings and discussions my student and I will have in our on-site and virtual sessions.

Besides serving as an outlet for the classroom assignments (which will make the bulk of this blog), we will also feature four special sections:

  • From our class: We will share notable ideas that may have arisen during the class discussions that students consider deserve to be in the blog, including board notes and other relevant media.
  • Student voices: We will include ongoing reflections from the students and their discovery of literacy.
  • A quotable quote (from one of the Shaolin Masters): We will include powerful quotes from the literacy scholars who have built the field. We will feature quotes from key works in the field, as well as short interviews with some of these literacy greats.
  • Resources: We may include videos, media, or short reviews of websites related to literacy/ies.

Why is this important, you wonder? It’s simple: Many literacy scholars (Including yours truly) have argued that one of the shifts in moving literacies to the online realm is an enhanced sense of audience: in the case of the classroom, it means that students may no longer write for their teachers, but for the world at large. They can have the chance to share their thoughts with other people interested in their own ideas, or as Black (2005, 2009) has argued, there is a new sense of affinity that online publishing may bring about.

I hope that other students and scholars interested in literacy will benefit from the ideas that we will express in this blog. You’re more than welcome to join the conversations and help us expand the “ML2 Community” as a group of scholars and practitioners interested in finding the best ways to improve how we learn and teach world languages, in this case, through literacies.

I look forward to the discussions that will transpire in the blog in the upcoming weeks.


Raúl A. Mora, Ph.D. (aka Doctor Berry)


3 comments on “Welcome to ML2 – Second Language Literacies!

  1. Cristina
    September 1, 2013

    Hello Raul, I was exploring this blog, and I found that it have interesting things that I didn’t know before. Sorry if I’m late, but as I told you, I’m just knowing it. Thak you for your help. Cristina.

  2. juliana
    September 2, 2013

    hey what a good comment!, I like to know that I am closed to people that like what they do, because it can be perceived inmediately. I really hope to learn more, and find more students that get interested in spanish emphasis.

  3. Moni Pabon
    September 3, 2013

    Hello, everybody ! 🙂 Ready for this journey and happy to be with all of you learning and sharing knowledge and experience.

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