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Literacy and Multimodality around our Classroom


This video is a path for my seeking of what Mahsa Izadinia calls as the importance of developing voice in students, this topic that undoubtly is attached to Critical Literacy and New Literacy Studies is my current concern in my setting as an English teacher in a public high school in Ciudad Bolívar- Antioquia.


5 comments on “Literacy and Multimodality around our Classroom

  1. ML2
    September 29, 2013

    You incorporated the topics worked during the course in your daily practice in an excellent way. You are including notions of critical literacy in your clases; you also take into account their personal literacies and multimodal texts to help them have their voice about environmental issues. You are dealing with literacy as a social practice!

    Angela Patricia Ocampo C.

  2. Moni Pabon
    October 5, 2013

    In this video we remember how important is to engage students with the things they do in the class not only to have their interest but also to let them know that they are part of the world they are living in and the view they have about it is important and how teachers can add critical thinking to the activities in order to have people that set a position about facts and situations happening all around them.

  3. Johann I would like to congratulate you for the video because you mention aspects that should happen in a classroom.One of those aspects is the transformation a human Being must have once he/ she is immersed in an educational context.Another relevant aspect is that students should not only be educated as critical thinkers,but also as observers of the world.

  4. Claudia Cañas Mejía
    October 10, 2013

    During the principal’s intervention, he made emphasis in something that is one of the bases to produce changes, in schools and it is the teachers’ attitude towards the appropriation of new things; in order they can start putting them into practice with the students in the daily academic life. And also keep the students’ voice as part of those new things that are always in the class to support the learning and teaching process .

  5. ML2
    October 14, 2013

    Hi Johann, your video develops the concepts seen in the course. However, it is difficult to read all your quotes, I think it gets a little bit monotonous and annoying reading your quotes, because there is a lot of text inside them. Although, the interviews change the pace of the video, they are solid and they support all your arguments, your video could have been better planned and organized. You also could have done or incorporated a narration of your comments it would have been better instead of putting all those quotes.

    Christian González

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