ML2 – Second Language Literacies

A blog for the Second Language Literacies course from the MA in Learning and Teaching Processes in Second Languages (ML2) at UPB-Medellín

New times need new teachers. by: luz Elena Salazar

Three last decades mean a change in literacies , teachers used to implement different teaching and assessment practices. Old generations of teachers have to adapt their teaching practices to new literacies at least they want to be anachronic , but it is not easy to move From one change to another as fast as the world do.

New  generation teachers  seems to have incorporated skills to learn  and teach multiliteracies , not so with older generations of teachers , and it is the role of new people to serve as a guide to acomódate old generations teachers into the use of multiliteracies as a tool to improv their practices.

New London group describes the dramatically changing social and technological context of communications and learning, develops a language with which to talk about representation and communication in educational context,and adresses the question of what constitutes apropriate literacy pedagogy for our times.

Luz Elena Salazar.


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