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Critical Literacy – Multiliteracy – Multimodality around the C.C.F (Colegio Colombo Francés)

I understand literacy as a social construction which let human beings to named and create their reality through language; the language and its implications of uses where gestures connect each other. Cities in themselves are the result of literacy, they are creations made by reading and writing, not only the words but also leaving the language takes the form of city, the form of community, the form of myself.

“Social-semiotic theory is interested in meaning, in all its forms. Meaning arises in social environments and in social interactions. that makes the social into the source, the origin and the generator of meaning. (…) then differences between societies and cultures means differences in representation and meaning.” (Kress, 2010)


One comment on “Critical Literacy – Multiliteracy – Multimodality around the C.C.F (Colegio Colombo Francés)

  1. ML2
    April 15, 2014

    Hello Dear Gloria
    I think your video shows that to apply multiliteracies or multimodality it is not necessary to focus on technology. An approach where students produce their own media to express themselves and apply different topics is ideal in today’s education system.
    Congratulations on your video.

    Giselle Isaza

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