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MULTIMODALITY: An analysis in UPB High School

In this video I show the different modes as viewed by school student in UPB High school.
I also talk about some key concepts on new literacies and multimodality.

Directed by
Giselle Isaza Velásquez

Academic exercise
M.A. in Second Language Teaching and Learning
UPB Medellín


One comment on “MULTIMODALITY: An analysis in UPB High School

  1. ML2
    April 11, 2014

    Dear Giselle,
    Such a nice video; we both talked about the different designs of meaning that support multiliteracies: linguistic design, visual design, audio design, gestural design, and multimodal design. I liked the posters in English and Spanish you show as they can be authentic examples of multimodality. The most important thing is not the ammount of technology, but the tons of meaning. What do you think?


    Adriana Teresa Rozo Carvajal

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