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A blog for the Second Language Literacies course from the MA in Learning and Teaching Processes in Second Languages (ML2) at UPB-Medellín

What will new literacy classrooms in Colombia look like in the near future?

The title of this blog doubles up as the topic of the final assignment for this course. So far, you’ve had time to delve into issues of critical literacy and discuss how multimodality and literacy appears in your classrooms. Now, it is time to dream a little.

In this assignment, I want you to take risks (calculated, sure, but risks nonetheless) and invite us to think about how to incorporate all these frameworks we talked about in our classrooms. Most importantly, think about how you, from your current vantage points, will commit to incorporating these frameworks while helping others (colleagues, preservice teachers, teachers under your tutelage, etc.) engage in these conversations.

Also, remember that this blog has an increasingly global audience. I have plugged in our work in a recent blog I wrote for the Initiative for 21st Century Literacy Research at Florida State University (Mora, 2014a – and a recent talk at the University of São Paulo (by invitation of top literacy scholar Walkyria Monte Mór). Therefore, your reflections should not just be an inspiration to Colombian scholars, but also Latin American ones. 

Here are some ground rules to help you:

1. Remember that the essay must be multimodal in nature, although it won’t be a full-fledged multimodal essay (asking you to do one for this course was enough). Just keep in mind how we have defined multimodality.

2. Build your reflection from the articles that belong to the last virtual session and then use the other articles from the class as a foundation.

3. Make daring yet realistic claims and suggestions. We are trying to incorporate new literacies frameworks grounded in our present realities. 

4. Remember that literacy is about learning, so what kinds of new learning (à la Kalantzis & Cope) are we going after? What would that entail for how we see the classroom?

In order not to interfere with your work for English Emphasis I, the deadline for this assignment will be Sunday, April 27. That should give you enough time to work on this and comply with the required readings for that class.

Any questions that arise, e-mail/Facebook/Skype me.


Dr Berry


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