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Literacy and Multimodality in Colegio El Triangulo, Rionegro (2016)

The following video is a compilation of three parts:

  1. Students´ vision of English, reading and writing
  2. Teachers´ vision of literacy and critical literacy
  3. My vision of literacy and multimodality inside my classes

The main objective of the video is to illustrate how multimodality and literacy develop in our classrooms, therefore the task of having different grade students participating gave me a wider knowledge of how they see and feel about English, a part from this; having my colleagues (English teachers) giving their point of view and thoughts about literacy also allowed me to exchange ideas and activities as well as having a wider feedback. For last, my intervention of how I have been working literacy in a non-conscious way for the last six months, has given me a reflection of how I can continue enhancing literature in a conscious and wider prospect than before.

Click below to watch the video:

Literacy in Colegio El Triangulo

I will also share the video of the 11th grade students who won the second place in Helbling Readers Contest in Colombia:

The Picture of Dorian Gray

And for last, I will attach another video from a 4th grade student who did a food project, based on a book we read:

Corn Dogs


Written by: Melanie Mollan Moscoso





One comment on “Literacy and Multimodality in Colegio El Triangulo, Rionegro (2016)

  1. ML2
    August 30, 2016

    Dear Melanie: I really admire the job you are doing at your school with your students. I really like the idea of taking into account’s students opinion and include them in the video. It’s a reminder that students’ identities and thoughts are important to bear in mind when developing literacy with them. As well, teachers’ views on literacy are valuable because in that way we can learn from others so that we can enrich our teaching practice.
    By Catalina Gómez

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