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A blog for the Second Language Literacies course from the MA in Learning and Teaching Processes in Second Languages (ML2) at UPB-Medellín


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  1. ML2
    August 30, 2016

    Hi Jose Elkin: Awesome video (and very well produced, by the way)
    I really like your video because it shows another perception of literacy and, most important, students’ identities and ethnicity are taken into account. What is more, I appreciate the way you showed that literate practices interweave with other subjects, like mathematics, and how teachers of such disciplines exposed their insights on literacy and literate practices in their context.
    By Catalina Gómez

  2. ML2
    September 22, 2016

    Dear classmate, I like your video.
    I think we as teachers in public school have a challenge to take full advantage from technology in order to develop literacy processes in our students.I can appreciate in your video the idea to take into account the context as a important aspect in the literacy as a social practice. we need introduce new modes to teach and learn literacy but we must be careful to think about needs, likes, sociocultural backgrounds and technological resources that students really have available in their context. in addition, I appreciate as catalina says the way you showed that literacy practices are interdisciplinary process, an example is the interview to teachers from others subjects.
    by Leydy Castaño.

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