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A blog for the Second Language Literacies course from the MA in Learning and Teaching Processes in Second Languages (ML2) at UPB-Medellín

Critical Literacy- video

by Yufrainy Perea Palacios.

Ml2-  Multimodality and Multiliteracy in a Public School in Frontino- Antioquia


One comment on “Critical Literacy- video

  1. ML2
    September 13, 2016

    I want stand out the presentation of your students here, it is an important way to engage them to learn English, and in this exercise they can face the afraid to speak English independent of their level of, involve them in this type of exercise is a good way to help them to develop different competences, attitudes and skills in order to facilitate l English learning. One skill that common European framework propose and can be evidence in the students participation in the video is the ability of the learner to come to terms with new experience (new language, new people, new ways of having, etc.) and to bring other competences to bear (e.g. by observing, grasping the significance of what is observed, analyzing, inferencing, memorizing, etc.) in the specific learning situation.
    Thanks yufrainy for your video.
    Sincerely,LEYDY CASTAÑO.

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