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New Literacies and Multimodality


One comment on “New Literacies and Multimodality

  1. ML2
    January 19, 2018

    Dear Johny and Isabel,

    Thanks for sharing your video. I know the effort it takes to put that together.

    I have some recommendations for you to keep in mind as you may discuss ideas about multimodality even further:

    1. Around the 2:00 mark, you mentioned a series of terms, making it sound as if they all were part of the same umbrella or synonyms. Please be cautious here, as some of those you mentioned have very different meanings and clumping them together might be misleading.
    2. The first half of the video was mostly explanation. As this was an experiential video, going so deep into explanations distracts from the ultimate goal.
    3. At the 8:40 mark, you ask your colleague about the different literacies she uses. In her response, she mentioned a series of devices and technologies that lend themselves for multimodal literacy practices.
    4. Please be careful not to mix multiple intelligences, learning styles, and multimodal learning. Those three are very different in nature!
    5. What happened at the end (after the 9:40 mark) where you only had a blank screen along with the audio?

    Keep in mind these recommendations as you may embark on creating more multimodal resources.

    Dr. Berry

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