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Video about Multimodality in the classroom- Assignment 2

Professor: Raùl Mora

This video was created by the English teachers Andres Pacheco, Andres Ochoa and Javier Perez A video about how multimodality works in the classroom and the practices developed by each teacher.


One comment on “Video about Multimodality in the classroom- Assignment 2

  1. ML2
    January 19, 2018

    Dear Andrés, Andrés, and Javier,

    Thanks for sharing your video. I can see you put in a lot of effort in making it and it shows in the editing quality.

    There is one thing I really want you to reflect on as you delve deeper into the idea of multimodality: Looking at the interviewees’ comments, it seems that they mixed multimodality with multiple intelligences and learning styles. You must be careful as those three ideas have very different origins and conceptual stances. While it’s true that there are some overlaps between styles and modes, treating them as equal does a disservice to both learning styles and multimodal theory. Also, be cautious not to describe multimodality as a methodology. Multimodality is a theory of semiotic meaning-making that can later translate into methodological approaches to introduce and create texts in our classrooms.

    Dr. Berry

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